In March 2024, two innovative entrepreneurs from Norway approached us with a vision for the next great leap in industrial workbenches. They joined forces with us at the beginning of the month, and in just two weeks, not only was their dream product developed, but over 1,000 units were also manufactured and ready to revolutionize workspaces around the globe.

Fold & Go

Several business owners face similar hurdles when it comes to execution.

The most important thing in a business is execution.

This is something we see again and again business owners struggle with.

It’s either expertise or time, usually a combination of both.

At Opsasec we have years of experience with 3D CAD design and are able to produce and replicate ideas into viable models that can be produced.

Two fine gentlemen approached us with only an idea in mind.

The new best iteration of industrial workbenches.

They wanted a table that was light yet resistant,

Collapsible and expandable as to save space,

It had to have lockable wheels for ease of transport and mobility,

And most of all…

Be as close to cost-efficient as possible to maximize the profit margin.

We hit the marks on all of these points.

Through the use of advanced computer modeling we designed a table constructed entirely from folded sheet metal as to be as cost-efficient as possible…

All the while being collapsible and expandable through telescopic components and clever locking solutions.

There was no need for setup,

As the table was finished on arrival and neither the customer nor business had to do any second hand work.

Once the customer was happy with the product we used our international network of manufacturers to have the table produced in bulk at the best possible price guaranteeing the highest possible margin.

Resulting in a highly profitable, high margin state of the art product…

All within 2 weeks of time.

Business has to move fast.

You only stay afloat if you keep your momentum up.

We have done this several times and succeeded every single time.


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